Thursday, March 07, 2013

TiAmoMiami | Espanola Way

When I take outfit pictures people really don't bother to notice, but this one time someone actually stopped to ask me what I was doing! I responded saying, I am taking pictures for my blog and they said cool and asked for the name. In this 2 minute conversation I learned something, it doesn't really matter what people think and if they do then so be it. As human beings we are naturally curious and love to know about people's business, but we also like to have the approval of someone in order to feel good about ourselves. Many times we {myself included} don't do something because we're afraid what others will think or they won't approve. But does it honestly matter? No it doesn't. Do as you please and be as you are. Live life. Be happy. Express yourself freely.

Outfit Details: Pieces denim via Asos, $25 | Target tee, $8 | Gap jacket via Ebay, $13 | American Eagle sneakers, $8

These pictures are taken at Espanola Way in South Beach, Miami. Its a picturesque street with open air restaurants, bars and cafes. Visit A la Folie to eat authentic french crepes, drink french coffee and hear french men speaking french!


  1. Very wise words! I agree with you completely girl! I definitely want to visit Miami! It looks like a beautiful getaway! Love the casual outfit! Perfect for roaming the streets of Miami!

  2. The basics never fail! Black, White and Blue :)
    And you are so right about doing what pleases us!! I live by it :)