Saturday, April 13, 2013

Black + Gold

Forever 21 leopard loafers, $22 | Pieces denim via ASOS | Old Navy cardigan | Forever 21 top | Merona Bag via Target, exact one {here} | Sunglasses via Target, $17 | Stella & Dot bracelet | Rings via Target | Michael Kors watch

To my surprise I found a few flowers in bloom. Other than that everything else is pretty much still shades of brown and bloom-less. Nonetheless, when the weather won't cooperate with your mood, wear something bright to compensate and still feel good! Hope you are having a FAB weekend!

Tell me your favorite pick me up color? Mine is yellow. Tweet me @dearkajal or comment below :)


  1. You look great! That cardigan is such a beautiful yellow!

  2. you look great! I love what you're wearing!

  3. I absolutely love yellow - it is my favorite pick me up color too ! You look great!


  4. Love just the touch of yellow with all the black - looks great!

  5. You look so elegant in this outfit! I love it! Yes, definitely yellow is one of my pick me up colors. I also really love any other pastel color- mint and pink make me really happy too! Thanks for sharing this!


    PS. So I tried to make that peterpan necklace you had a tutorial about awhile ago. I glued the outer rim with pearls and put it aside to do it later.... and it's still sitting around waiting to be finished! haha. right now it's draped around the neck of one of my daughter's stuffed animals. I'll get to it eventually. Thanks again for the tutorial!