Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walking on Sunshine

Old Navy blouse | Urban Outfitters skirt (old) $20 | Zara sandals (old) $20

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately as to how I want to continue with my blog. Originally I started it as a creative outlet through which I could express myself and learn what I like to wear and don't like to wear. Although, I like to dress well, I am not really passionate about fashion, clothes, finding the next it bag, shoes, jewelry, etc. I believe the pressure on girls to be the skinnest, wear the most expensive brands and look the prettiest contributes to a way of thinking that no matter what "I just don't have enough" or "I am not good enough". Statistics show that out of all clothes you have, only 20% of it you really use and wear, the rest 80% you never do. You look at something in the store/online and think there might come a day when I might wear it and by it based on that belief. Why no take that 80% and donate to someone who actually needs it. I've started a major revamp of my closet and split everything into 3 sections: keep, throw away and donate. I feel a lot lighter, less consumed and less attached to "things". I do realize that this is not possible for everyone to do, but everyone can become more conscious about it. Buy an item only if you really really really love it. Here on out my blog posts will mainly consist of outfits I create and recreate as I continue to downsized my wardrobe (get the creative juices really flowing). For a while now, I've cut out shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry completely. And it feels so good! Now I spend my money on valuable experiences, eating a clean and healthy diet and things that really enrich my Spirit. Have you ever thought, wanted or did downsize your wardrobe?

In other news, I have a writing blog which you can read {here}. 

Thanks for reading if you made it till the end. 
When your cup is full stop pouring. ~ Lao Tzu

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life is Beautiful

Instead of complaining the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses - Proverb
A meaningful life isn't a popularity contest. Do what you feel is the right thing, and you may not get approval from the world. Do it anyway. - Marianne Williamson 
Pictures resemble a thousands unspoken words, emotions only you feel in your consciousness and captured memories. They are inspiration and beauty for me. What are pictures for you?

*All pictures taken by me in Southern California 

Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Maxi

Sandals via Target, recent {exact one here} $17 | Forever 21 maxi skirt, recent {exact one here} $12 | Target v-neck tee | Gap denim jacket | Flea market necklace 

I must admit, I've never owned or worn a maxi skirt before! I actually picked this skirt up on a whim when I saw it in store for only $12 (recently bought)! For the hot summer months to be, this is a great alternative to shorts and will be perfect for a day at the beach. I would love to style the skirt with a crochet top and a hat. How do you wear maxi skirts? Share below :)

Happy Earth Day! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Classic Print

Forever 21 top, recent $22.80 (similar here and here) | H&M jeans | H&M jacket | Zara flats | Forever 21 earrings 

I was immediately drawn to this printed top when I was in Forever 21. I usually avoid going into the store because its overwhelming and unorganized; however, on this occasion I found something without much looking. Prints are everywhere lately and this is a classic print that can be worn both casually or dressed-up. 
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Have a great week! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baseball Tee

Wedges via Target (old) | Thirfted Lucky Brand jeans, $7 | Old Navy baseball tee | H&M clutch, necklace 

I squealed with joy when I found these jeans at a thirft store, $7 for a pair of Lucky Brand jeans in mint condition?! I wore these same jeans in my {one year} anniversary post. I am a true jeans and tee kind of girl, no fuss and simple. These are the type of outfits I live in, they're within my comfort zone. I highly suggest you try thirfting, its like hunting for treasure while being enviornmentally consciousness. 
What is your comfort zone outfit? 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Leopard Print

Franco Sarto heels via Tjmaxx, $32 | Pieces denim via ASOS | Forever 21 shirt | Zara scarf | Merano bag via Target 

It is safe to say that black is a staple color in anybody's closet. It'll always be there for you, especially on  'fat days' or on those occasions where nothing in your closet seems appealing. However, it can get a little dull too. To amp up an all black ensemble, accessorizing is key {in my opinion}, whether be it red lips, a bright scarf, shoes, earrings, necklace, etc. Treat it like icing on top of the cake, make it as favorable as you'd like! 
How do you wear black?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Black + Gold

Forever 21 leopard loafers, $22 | Pieces denim via ASOS | Old Navy cardigan | Forever 21 top | Merona Bag via Target, exact one {here} | Sunglasses via Target, $17 | Stella & Dot bracelet | Rings via Target | Michael Kors watch

To my surprise I found a few flowers in bloom. Other than that everything else is pretty much still shades of brown and bloom-less. Nonetheless, when the weather won't cooperate with your mood, wear something bright to compensate and still feel good! Hope you are having a FAB weekend!

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Deep Blue

Forever 21 dress {old} | Gap denim jacket | Payless wedges, $20 | Forever 21 earrings, $3 | Topshop ring {old}

This is my go to look for Spring. Its extremely comfortable, simple and stylish. Wear fun colorful wedges, heels, flats, etc. to take a monochromatic outfit up a notch. 
Do you have a go to look for Spring?

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Monday, April 08, 2013

Ankle Boots & Shorts

...because not every single picture is perfect
I promise you can laugh {I won't mind}
DIY denim shorts, $7 | Forever 21 sweater | H&M hat | Ecote boots via Urban Outfitters, $20 | Leaf bracelets from Forever 21 | Bangle via Camden Market in London 

I'm back! These pictures are not staged, it was actually warm enough to wear shorts. I did realize that wearing a hat in 25 mph winds was a bad idea. I spent a lot time chasing it around and fixing my hair {see picture above}. Wishing you a happy Monday!

Thought: You can't be rejected if you don't reject yourself

Monday, April 01, 2013

Romantic Lace

Zara flats | Target jeans $20 | Forever 21 top {recent} $22.80 | Forever 21 jacket | Zara clutch | Stella and Dot bracelet | Michael Kors watch 

How beautiful is this top?! Its romantic, feminine, chic, sophisticated, etc., and can be worn in so many ways. Go get it! 

Happy April Fool's Day! 
{ don't get fooled :) }