Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shape your World

Ever since I truly understood the meaning of the word Love - it's a synonym for God, Universe, Source, High Power, etc. I have been seeing it EVERYWHERE! 

Not a day will go buy where I don't see a heart shape somewhere. Be it on the sidewalk, in nature, in a store or even in an icky chewed up gum! It's incredible what you see when you expand your perception! Challenge yourself to see Love everywhere, and I guarantee you things will start popping up everywhere that are shaped like a heart. 

See the pictures below that I took! I even found a heart-shaped rock. I keep that by my bed side table as a gentle reminder of Love's presence everywhere even with me when I about to sleep. The picture of the heart on top my head was a complete 'coincidence'. I put my hair up and looked in the mirror and saw that it looked like a heart!  I laughed and said a prayer of thank you - because the Universe works in miraculous ways!

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