Friday, September 05, 2014

Sea Side Living

Imagine living here. Waking up to a cool ocean breeze, the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach and warm glowing light peaking in as the day begins. You would start your morning off with a hot tea and a stroll on the beach. Picking a spot on the sand, listening to the waves as you sip your hot tea. You'd spend the day reading a book, going for a beach run, collecting sea shells, taking long deep breathes, enjoying a fresh crisp meal of watermelon, cloud gazing and prepping a beautiful dinner to enjoy by candlelight as you watch the sunset! The house would be filled with treasures found on the beach, vintage pieces, beautiful art, tons of green plants and books upon books! I'll have that! 

Wishing you a beautiful weekend! I hope you'll take the time to unwind and soak in the sun as summer slowly begins to slip away. 

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  1. I always wonder how would it be living amidst mountains or near the sea..Must be amazing.

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